Status: WIP

Last updated Thu Dec 29 2022


This is a bit of a goofy project. I lived in a house with 12 people this year, and we had three separate rice cookers between us. People were always making rice, and people always needed rice, but we never had a good system for tracking who was making rice or how much rice was being made. As kind of a joke, I started making a web application to solve this (multiple people have told me that this is easily solved with a simple “I’m making rice, who wants some?” text, but I say that clogs up the group chat).


This project uses Sveltekit for the frontend + API routes and Supabase for the database and authentication service. Supabase has been awesome to use and the realtime functionality is super cool for a project like this. I’m also styling with Tailwind, and I’m using Skeleton for a UI toolkit. I’ve had a pretty great experience using Skeleton and it’s made stuff like modals and side bars really easy.


Users can create an account and sign in and out of the application. They can create a kitchen for their housemates and then create a rice event when they plan on making rice. The rice event lasts for some amount of time that they can specify (e.g. 10 minutes), and then from there the other house members have that amount of time to respond with whether they want rice and how much rice to add to the rice cooker.

This is all done with Supabase authentication and realtime subscriptions. When loading the page, the server makes the appropriate subscriptions and passes them to the client. The main application also cannot be accessed if you are not signed in. Most of the functionality such as creating a rice event is done using form actions rather than client-side fetch calls.


This project is very much not finished, and I want to work on it more when I have time as it’s a cool realtime Supabase/Sveltekit demo that isn’t just a chat app. I want to add stuff like push notifications and maybe convert it into a mobile-compatible PWA, although I’ll be more motivated if iOS Safari adds support for web push.